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There are several ways you can contact us:

Mailing List

If you are interested in following the development of openOSEK closely or are interested in participating with the project then you can subscribe to the developers mailing list. This list may be very active at some times so expect a few mails :-) The openOSEK mailing list can be found at openOSEK at SourceForge so go there and visit the mailing list subscription area. You can also read the archives there and request digest format instead of normal mails.

Alternatively , you can browse old mails here

Announcement List

This is a low-volume mailing list with announcements related to openOSEK. It is moderated. Only posts having to do with openOSEK will be allowed. i.e. announcements of new projects using openOSEK are allowed. For subscription go the the same SourceForge page as for the normal openOSEK list.

CVS/SVN Mailing List

This is a mailing list on which all changes made to our sources and documentation are posted. Every time a developer modifies something in version control, a mail arrives here. This list can be extremely active (several hundreds of posts on one day for example). For subscription go the the same SourceForge page as for the normal openOSEK list.

Message Forums

You can also visit the SourceForge message forums for openOSEK. The forums are monitored by us so we are aware when new messages arrive there.


There is a chat area available for openOSEK. You might find some core developers there if you need to ask questions, or simply to chat about openOSEK related things. The IRC server is (port number 6667) (or any other FreeNode network server) and the channel is #openOSEK

Live support

Use the link on the site navigation bar


If all of the above fails, you can also mail Everard Brown directly. It is preferable to direct queries to the mailing list, however.

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