Project Donations

We have a donation system for openOSEK through the openOSEK Donation Area. You currently need PayPal to donate. Thanks to SourceForge for providing us with this donation system!

We plan to use this money for various purposes but the main issue is that the money is used to further the development of openOSEK. Here are some possibilities:

  • Donating hardware to an openOSEK developer in order to help that person develop on openOSEK (e.g. An evaluation board for testing a target specific implementation).
  • Donating software to an openOSEK developer (e.g. Visual C++ or other commercial tools).
  • Promoting openOSEK in various ways. Some possibilities are ads in magazines, money to attend expos and shows, T-shirts, ...
  • When 1.0 is released the money can be used to help create a CD-ROM for openOSEK.
  • Paying for openOSEK server(s).

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