Commercial Support

With Open Source software, it is of critical importance that reliable technical support is available quickly when needed. Most companies cannot rely on the goodwill of the Open Source community to provide bug fixes and enhancements fast enough to justify using Open Source software in business critical systems. High-quality, professional technical support is a particularly strong selling point for using openOSEK.

HTCL will provide commercial support, as well as development and consulting services for openOSEK. HTCL is the official maintainer of the openOSEK project and one of the main contributors.

HTCL has highly skilled specialists that have many years of experience in R&D, consulting, and support in all arenas of software development, therefore they are ideally suited for integrating openOSEK with your infrastructure and applications to produce a reliable, secure, and stable system.

You may also want to review our licensing policy (LGPL) for further information.

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