openOSEK is free. But remember that you can support the openOSEK project by donating money. We will only use this money for purposes that benefit the openOSEK project. If you are interested in this then please visit the Donation Area. Thanks!

Latest Stable Release (none yet)

There is no release for openOSEK yet. openOSEK is still pre-alpha but you may get whatever is available from CVS if you're interested in helping development (see below).

More information on the latest stable release.

Development Version in SVN

If you are interested in helping with development then it is recommended that you obtain openOSEK from the SVN archive. This SVN archive is updated regularly and contains our current work in progress.

Information about changes made to the repository are sent to the mailing list for all but the most trivial changes. So if you wish to keep up with what's going on in the SVN, we recommend you subscribe to the CVS mailing list as described in the Contact Page.

Accessing the bleeding-edge version of openOSEK:

  • Browse the SVN repository online.
  • Instructions for direct access to the repository via SVN tools.
  • Build instructions can be found via the Documentation page.
  • There is also the possibility to download daily snapshots with diff files (direct link). Use this if you can not access SVN for some reason. The snapshots and diffs are updated every 24 hours. (Windows users can unpack the archive using 7-zip.)

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