Licensing Issues

A very common question is whether it is possible to use openOSEK for commercial applications.

The answer is 'yes, but...'.

You can use openOSEK in a commercial product provided you can comply to the LGPL. In short the LGPL states that openOSEK has to remain open source (under the LGPL). Including all modifications that the commercial developer may have done to openOSEK. So if the commercial developer makes modifications to openOSEK they have to release the sources of that modifications to the public.

However, the commercial developer does not have to release any sources which are not directly related to openOSEK but are part of the product that is being developed. So, all script (whether they are written in an openOSEK scripting language or in some other language like C, C++, JAVA, OIL-files) that are product specific are property of the commercial developer and they can do whatever they like with them. This includes any other data, which are also property of the commercial developer (unless they choose to put them under LGPL as well).

An additional requirement, which is also stated in the LGPL, is that it should be possible for the user to recompile the product with a new release of openOSEK when one arrives. We think this is a useful property to have but don't know if we should be too strict about this, since the API is defined quite clearly by the OSEK/VDX specification. Anyway, on systems like Windows and GNU/Linux this requirement is going to be easy to fulfil because we plan to convert openOSEK into a static library. In that case, you just have to replace the appropriate openOSEK library and recompile the commercial product.

And what does using openOSEK cost? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. Although we don't mind receiving donations (postcards, little notes, money, evaluation boards :-), anything, ...) this is not required at all. If you want to send us a postcard, our contact details are in the Authors and Credits page.

And for everybody who missed it, here is the link to the LGPL license.

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